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Low FODMAP FIBRE Supplements

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Have you been told to get more fibre in your diet? Are you following the low FOPMAP diet? While it is important to choose foods that naturally contain fibre, the Low FODMAP diet can reduce your natural fibre intake.

High FODMAP foods attract water into the gut so by removing these foods, there is less water being moved into the gut, effectively drying out the gut. It is not uncommon to get constipation after starting on the low FODMAP diet even if you were suffering from diarrhoea previously!

Fibre is the indigestible part of plant-based carbohydrates, which aids in the health of our digestive system.

You may have come across the terms, soluble and insoluble fibre or resistant starch. Not only does fibre regulate bowel habits and improve constipation, it is also been shown to act as prebiotic, in term of resistant starch, and feed the guts ‘good’ bacteria, aid in satiety (meaning you will stay fuller for longer) and weight management but also aid in maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Firstly make sure you are getting enough Low FODMAP fibre through food.

Great choices include oats, chia, grainy gluten-free bread, choosing 2-3 low FODMAP fruits spread out over the day such as just ripe banana, pineapple, mandarin (kiwifruit is particularly good and gets the guts moving), keeping up 5 serves a low FODMAP veggies such as carrot, spinach, eggplant, potato, kale and broccoli, choosing lofo nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and macadamia and seeds, and choosing a high fibre low FODMAP brekkie option such as oats or a chia pudding or gluten free Weetbix.

According to the Nutrient Reference Values, males and females over the age of 18, require 30g and 25g respectively of fibre per day. This is easily achieved when eating a variety of plant-based foods each day.

If you have increased your low FODMAP fibre sources, increased your fluids and included exercise but still finding you need a boost to get things moving, then fibre supplements are worth considering. Or even when you have ongoing loose stools then fibre supplements may be worth thinking about.

If you still can't get things moving then consider a fibre supplement. Not all fibre supplements are suitable for the low FODMAP diet, although there are quite a few currently coming on to the market that have great potential- lets explore what is out there..


Psyllium (ispaghula) is a useful supplement, as long as you are drinking enough fluids. Psyllium is a soluble fibre (Metamucil is the same but added flavour and colours).

Start with a small amount, say a teaspoon in a cup of water and build up slowly to 1-2 dessertspoons in 2 cups of water. Thickens on standing so drink straight away. Do not use if you have a swallowing issue or a blockage in the gut..


Monash University low FODMAP certified, and provides 3.4g of fibre per serve, provides relief from both diarrhoea and constipation as well as associated symptoms.

ProNourish natural balance Fibre is unflavoured and easily dissolves into food and beverages. Easy to take as does not thicken on standing.

Can be purchased from Chemist Warehouse or your local pharmacy


A Monash University low FODMAP certified prebiotic fibre and probiotic supplement.

This fibre supplement can be used in both food and beverages with no impact on flavour, aroma or texture. Jane Muir, PhD, associate professor at Monash University, states that regular girl has been shown to aid those with IBS-C, in promoting regular bowel habits, and IBS-D in which it has shown to aid stool formation and reduce the frequency of bowel motions.

Regular girl contains 5 grams of clinically proven prebiotic fibre and can be purchased from fodshopper.com.au.


Monash University low FODMAP certified and contains 6 grams of clinically proven soluble fibre.

This fibre supplement aids both constipation and bouts of diarrhoea while promoting gastrointestinal health, mineral absorption and maintenance of blood sugar levels.

Similarly, to Regular Girl, SunFibre will dissolve effortlessly into your food and beverages without altering the texture or taste of your foods.

This product can be purchased via fodshopper.com.au


Again, Monash FODMAP certified and each serving contains 5g of fibre. This supplement aids in gastrointestinal function and symptoms associated with IBS, assisting both IBS-C and IBS-D.

This product is easily dissolved and comes unflavoured or in a zesty tangerine flavour.

Everyone’s reaction to FODMAPs is different. Seeing a FODMAP specialist can help with making sure you are getting enough low FODMAP fibre and fluids in addition to maintain a variety of fibre which is the KEY for having a healthy gut.

Written by Ashleigh Thompson

Student Dietitian



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