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Salicylates, amines, glutamates & food additives

Allergy Train

The all in one stop shop for food intolerance. Online store and outlet in Moorabbin, Melbourne run by Jenny Trezise (Dietitian) specialising in foods low in food chemicals  (salicylates, amines & glutamates and food additives) , fructose friendly foods as well as foods free from such as dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts,  soy and eggs.


Suitable for people undertaking the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital elimination/ failsafe diet

Tel: 03 831 78565

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We Feed You

We Feed You are a local Melbourne business that produces and home delivers high quality, nutritious ready-made frozen meals.


Their meals are hand made by Dave Roberts (7 years Head Chef at Movida) and Charlotte Miller (Dietitian, international private chef), and prepared the way you would like to at home: no hidden nasties, plenty of flavour, texture, quality meat and heaps of veggies. 


They pride themselves on catering for a wide range of of dietary needs and intolerances including low-FODMAP, coeliac, fructose and lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan! 

See website for delivery areas in and around Melbourne

Fox in the box cafe

Gluten Free and NO FODMAP cafe, 169 Martin Street Brighton (Melbourne). Order any meal and it will be guaranteed to be low FODMAP & gluten free- freshly made. Fantastically friendly staff - Tim (the Proprietor) brings with his menu a wealth of experience providing delicious low FODMAP  and gluten free meals.

Gluten is not welcome in this kitchen! No issues with cross contamination because simply- wheat, rye oats and barley and their products are not part of this menu in any way.

Contact: (03) 9596 0133

Foddies cafe

Foddies is a cafe in Albert Park, Melbourne (181 Victoria Avenue) which specialises in low FODMAP foods both eat in and take away (low FODMAP meal kits or FODBOXES).


In addition to low FODMAPs, Foddies cater for all types of allergies and intolerances so you safely eat out and have a great time, all the while meeting your dietary needs. Ticks all round!

Contact: 03 9696 9389  Donut store: 03 9077 8951

Monash Univesity Low FODMAP diet app

Researchers at Monash University have developed a diet and corresponding app to assist in management of the gut symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

FODMAP Friendly app

FODMAP Friendly is the only registered Certification Trademark worldwide certifying FODMAP levels in food.

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