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3 HOT breakfast tips on the FAILSAFE diet.

Set your day right with these filling & delish breakfast delights! There are plenty of great hot breakfasts if you can tolerate eggs- poached egg (mind- no vinegar as very high in salicylates and amines), scrambled egg (use tolerated milk), fried egg (using low chemical oil such as rice bran oil), omelettes and frittatas. What about some non egg additions?

Check out these hot tips!


Baked beans is off limits on the low chemical, failsafe elimination diet due to the salicylates, amines and glutamates in the sauce. Any bean mixes with a sauce need to be avoided.

Solution? Make your own and it is really very quick.

Just add 1 ½ tablespoons of drained tinned kidney beans to ½ tablespoon of pear chutney or pear jam (make own or use The Great Gutsy Food Co. or Allergy Train pear chutney) into a small fry pan and cook, while continuously stirring to stop the mixture from sticking to the pan. Serve on tolerated bread, or with an egg (if tolerated) and chopped chives.

CHIVES: grow chives for 24/7 access. So easy to grow and low in both salicylates and FODMAPs.

LOW FODMAP NOTES: Lightly fry tolerated beans with Nuttelex Original and home made garlic infused rice bran oil.

  • Sprouted mung beans are low FODMAPs for 2/3 cup but needs to be sprouted, not regular mung beans (sprout them yourself!).

  • Tinned butter beans and tinned garbanzo beans low in FODMAPs for ¼ cup (rinsed well and drained) but this is a very small amount.

  • Note that tinned bean water will contain the FODMAPs (oligosaccharides- GOS) so the rinsing and draining is very important.

If not used to eating beans, include them in the diet very cautiously up to the low FODMAP cut off limits.


These pancakes are little beauties! Made from only 3 ingredients: buckwheat (2 cups), water (3/4 cup) and pear puree (1/4 cup). Best darn gluten free pancake you will ever taste.

And they actually work. The trick seems to be that once you have added the flour and pear puree together, to add the water very slowly to help it combine well.

So easy to cook. I used my crepe maker with my little t-bar tool that helps swirl the spooned mixture into a nice flat disc.

Topped with a knob or Nuttelex Original and drizzled with pure maple syrup and I was very happy. Best eaten fresh. Big family favourite.

Have it for breakfast or whip up for a snack- as long as you have the ingredients on hand it is super easy.

LOW FODMAP NOTES: only the pear is high in FODMAPs. ¼ cup pear puree = around ¼ of a pear or less. This recipe makes 6 pancakes so only a very small amount of pear: 1/24 th of a pear per pancake! Test your tolerance or leave out and replace with more water. Buckwheat flour: low FODMAPs so get on with it!

3. POTATO & VEG fry up!

This is easy and delish!

Just fry up in rice bran oil some sliced leeks, with sliced green beans, sliced red cabbage and spring onions. Can also cube some swede and add choko for a bit of variety. A firm favourite around these parts!


  • Leeks: slice green tips (lofo for 2/3 cup)

  • Spring onions: green tips: no limit

  • Red cabbage: 3/4 cup (75g) per serve = lofo

Starting the day with a good breakfast can mean you are not looking for food so early on the day- handy if you want to get out and about where there may not be suitable food choices on hand.



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