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Chocolate = high amines Carob drink = no amines

Updated: Apr 8

How to have your hot 'notchocolate' carob drink without the amines? Hot drinks can be a bit of a conundrum on the low chemical elimination or failsafe diet.

Tea is out as high in salicylates. Even the herbal ones. Coffee is out, although decaf is in. Great for many but coffee is not my cup of tea!

Hot chocolate- don't even go there. Chocolate is dripping with amines.

So I turned my hand to making a hot carob dairy free milk drink, but I must admit I was a little, you know, not expecting a brilliant substitute. How surprised was I when I tasted this little beauty!

Hot carob is a delicious hot drink in its own right. With the bonus of low amines so low risk of bringing on symptoms such as head aches or migraines that many amine sensitive people can have when eating (or in this case drinking) chocolate.

This is a keeper!

JOIN THE COMMUNITY: BRAND NEW Dietitian led Facebook group: Amines, Salicylates and Glutamates: The Food Intolerance Dietitian for great information and community support.


I made a small cup- like a little carob shot but you may prefer to make a full steaming mugful.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of carob powder to equal amount of sugar with a small amount of hot water to dissolve.

  • Mix into 3/4 cup of tolerated milk- I used rice milk.

  • Place in the microwave for at least a minute

  • Froth up with a stick blender to get that lovely froth on top.

Less sugar could be added- just sweeten to taste.

A white marshmallow melted in is a possibility (not from the mixed white and pink packs but from packets of white marshmallow only eg Pascall white marshmallows) but honestly I felt it was delicious as it was.

This serving of carob powder (1 heaped teaspoon although I used a flat teaspoon) is low in FODMAPs. No chance of upsetting the stomach!

Beautifully fills the hot breakfast drink gap in the salicylate/amines/glutamates/food additives or failsafe elimination diet.

Dairy free although you can make it with your tolerated milk, be that regular milk A2 milk, oat milk or whatever takes your fancy.


FODMAPS: Carob powder is low in FODMAPs for 1 heaped teaspoon.

Although classified low in food chemicals, according to the RPAH elimination handbook (2011), carob may be best tolerated when lighter brown in colour and mild and sweet in taste. If darker brown, bitter tasting or includes dark brown specks then may trigger reactions in some (anecdotal reports).



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